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Category: Chinese Medicine

Steps of Care - The Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Treatment Process

 Today's Blog discusses the "Steps of Care" or "Treatment Process" within Chinese/Oriental Medicine.  Chinese/Oriental Medicine is a medical modality which embarks on changing and balancing one's internal, physical landscape.  This process is one that is NOT an overnight process.  When one is experiencing symptoms of an illness or disease, this is just the tip of the ice burg, as the disease process has been well under way for some time in order to finally be revealing unwanted and uncomfortable physical signs and symptoms.  Because the illness and or disease did not develope overnight, nor can the remedy be achieved overnight.  Chinese Medicine and it's related therapies (acupuncture and Chinese Medicinal therapy) work in a accumulative fashion to not only restore balance in the body and address unwanted symtomolog, but also to prevent future bodily imbalance and thus illness.


Please continue reading to learn more about the "Steps of Care" outlined in the Chinese Medical Treatment Process.



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The Importance of a Licensed Acupuncturist


Choosing a Chinese Medical physician with appropriate training is essential for getting the results in your health care you are seeking.


Different practitioners such as Medical doctors, Physical therapists, and Chiropractors practicing acupuncture or what some like to refer to as "Dry Needling" most often DO NOT have the same amount of training as a Licensed acupuncturists who is a NCCAOM Nationally Board Certified Diplomat in Either Acupuncture or Orienal Medicine.


Continue reading below and learn why it is important to work with Licensed acupuncturists who have a Master's Degree or Doctoral Degree in the studies of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and who are NCCAOM Nationally Board Certified Diplomats in either Acupuncture or Oriental Medicine.


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Acupuncture Questions & Answers

 Today's Blog will be discussing and detailing some commonly asked questions regarding acupuncture.  In our last blogs, we have discussed What Chinese Medicine is, the basic principles underlying Chinese/Oriental Medicine, Chinese Medical diagnosis and finally, what acupuncture is.  Now, we get to review the answers to some very common questions asked about acupuncture like: Is acupuncture painful? Is it safe?  Are there different styles? What does if feel like? How many treatments will I need?  What to expect after a treatment?


Read on to learn more about acupuncture!



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What is Acupuncture?


Today' Blog will be discussing a comonly asked questions to those new to Chinese/Oriental Medicine: "What is Acupuncture and how does it work?"  The information that follows, will hopefully, shed light on this time proven modality, as well as, educate and inform you on the practice of Acupuncture and Chinese/Oriental Medicine in general and remove any ambiguity and elusiveness revolving around Acupuncture and Chinese/Orienal Medicine.  Read on and enjoy!




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Chinese Medical Diagnosis - What Patients Need To Know


In addition to your physician’s Western medical Diagnosis, Chinese/Oriental Medicine has its own system of personalized and individual pattern discrimination.  A Chinese medical pattern or diagnosis is a professionally recognized grouping of signs and symptoms. These signs and symptoms are collected by the practitioner by what in Chinese Medicine is called the “Four Examinations”. These Four Examinations are

Looking, Listening-smelling, palpation, and questioning




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Basic Principles of Oriental Medicine – Part Two – What is “Qi”?


New and returning patients alike, as well as, new health care consumers I meet often say to me, “Gina – What exactly is “Qi”? This is a frequently asked question in my practice.


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What are the Basic Principals of Oriental Medicine? - Part One


New patients and new health care consumers I meet often say to me, “Gina - tell me more” about the basic principles underlying “Oriental Medicine.” This is a frequently asked question in both my practice, as well as, in my daily life when I meet people and explain the medicine I practice.


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What is Chinese Medicine?


So many people I meet who have heard of Chinese or Oriental Medicine or are interested in Chinese/Oriental Medicine often say to me, “Gina – I think I might be interested in Chinese/Oriental Medicine, but what exactly is Chinese/Oriental Medicine?” This is a frequently asked question I encounter both in my practice, as well as, on the street.


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