Chinese Medical Dietary Secrete to Enhance Fertility Potential

Infertility issues can cause a tremendous amount of pain and suffering for individuals seeking to start families of their own. There are a multitude of possible reasons behind one’s infertility. And Nutrition is one area that many neglect when considering the possible causes for the issue. Optimal nutrition can help support conception by improving the reproductive health of both the potential Mother and Father, so it’s a key element that those Denver residents undergoing infertility treatments must address.


Chinese Medical physicians have been treating infertility with focused dietary therapy for centuries. Western science, however, is just beginning to acknowledge the very significant roles diet and nutrition play especially within the “ovulatory” causes of infertility. A landmark study published in 2008, based on the Harvard Nurses Study, makes startling connections between diet and conception. As the most comprehensive research to date on diet and fertility, this study associates a slow carb, whole food, mostly plant based diet with a six-fold increase in fertility.


Within this blog we’ll focus on some key nutritional tips for improving fertility potential. According to both western scientific research and ancient medical practices, such as Chinese Medicine, “healthy eating for fertility” is based on a Natural, whole food, plant-based, anti-inflammatory diet that includes the following:


Whole Foods


Slow Carbs (aka - “Low Glycemic/Sugar Carbs”)


Plant Based Foods


High Antioxidant Foods


Healthy Fats


High Quality Dairy


Reduce intake of sugar, trans-fats and Avoid ALL Hydrogenated and Partially hydrogenated oils

Maintaining Healthy Weight


Mindful Eating


The secret to long life, health, and fertility in Chinese medicine is cultivating a way of life that promotes inner balance, puts you in harmony with nature and conserves your essential energies. Embracing a way of living that “nourishes life” will build up your natural fertile vitality.  Fertility, in this view, is the natural outgrowth of balance and vitality.


Appropriate and mindful dietary and nutritional therapy fosters health and well being by nurturing the body, mind and spirit. This in essence is choosing to eat for optimal fertility. In hopes of achieving optimal fertility potential, we respectfully suggest that you consider these self nourishing dietary recommendations and  changes with a curious, open, and fertile mind.  For specific conditions such as endometriosis and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), additional nutritional and dietary fine-tuning are often integrated.









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