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Fertility & Chinese Medicine

 For thousands of years, Chinese Medicine has been able to treat and address female, gynecological disorders, male, urological disorders, as well as, the internal imbalances leading to both female and male infertilty.  In today's blog, we will be discussing how Chinese Medicine views and approaches the treatment of both Female and male infertility.


The discussion and research below provides some highlighted information on infertility based on our best knowledge, understanding and daily practice. It is by no means a substitute for the medical advice from your physician. 


There are numerous causative factors that could result in infertility. Both systems, Western Medicine and Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), have their insights and understanding on the causes and pathophysiological mechanisms of human infertility, and thus, the corresponding approaches to it’s management are discussed below.


Fertility requires balanced hormones, structurally sound reproductive organs, good health and a nutritious, clean diet. Even with the above in place, the chances of a healthy couple conceiving each month is just 25%. According to the paradigm of Chinese Medicine, “Fertility” equates to an unobstructed, free flow of Qi, Blood and Body fluids within the body, as well as, a balanced reproductive system that produces healthy fluctuations in the Yin and Yang of the body. For the reproduction system to function at its peak, there must be a balance among all these components & body systems.


A couple is considered infertile if after one year of having unprotected sex they have not conceived. Infertility is an increasing problem, particularly in the U.S where infertility affects approximately 15% of women with 1 billion spent annually on treatment. In roughly 10% of cases, the exact reason is unknown. In other cases, either the female or the male has a reproductive problem, or both partners are infertile which makes up about 18% of the population according to the 2005 CDC national statistics.

Female infertility & sub-fertility:

Female infertility accounts for about 46% of infertile cases. Infertility can be caused by functional disorders such as hormonal imbalances or structural problems like endometriosis or tubal obstruction. The most common cause of female infertility is an ovulation disorder where the egg development and release is impaired. Age is also an important factor in infertility. According to some studies one in three women or 20% of women over 35 years will have fertility problems. This is due to a decline in reproductive function (diminished ovarian reserve), which is why there are much lower IVF success rates for women over 35 than for younger women. Aging also affects the uterus and increases the risk of miscarriage.


From a Chinese medical perspective, infertility is a manifestation of reproductive imbalance coupled with impaired general health and well-being due to imbalances among the yin, yang and Qi of the body, as well as, a lack of free flow of the Qi and blood.


The Fertility Program at our clinic, utilizes acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and nutritional therapies to promote fertility, improve general health, and support the possibility of conceiving and carrying a healthy baby to term. This treatment approach is also used for the general Pre-Conception Care program.


"Pre-Conception Care" is necessary and extremely important when planning a pregnancy. A healthy, well-balanced and timely menstrual cycle, as well as, healthy, viable eggs depend on the overall health and well being of the woman seeking to become pregnant.


Pregnancy occurs when the right conditions meet the right timing. Attaining these conditions can be a challenge for many couples which is why it is very important to consider a holistic approach. In working with natural conception, we focus on restoring fertility by restoring proper function of the body as a whole. This is crucial.

There is a tendency for many patients and doctors alike to focus almost exclusively on the reproductive system. In our experience, that approach is often inadequate (as evidenced by the fact that many of our patients seek us because conventional medical treatments have failed them). We find excellent results when we address people's overall health and well-being. Once the overall health begins to change, fertility is often restored automatically. Of course, there are many things that need to be directly addressed at the level of the reproductive system: and these definitely require specialized knowledge, however we could never get the kinds of results we are seeing in Chinese Medicine if we only focused on the reproductive system.

Consider that each of your organs plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy internal environment. If any of these organs are not functioning optimally, it can affect your ability to get pregnant, and the resulting health of your baby if you do get pregnant. Because of this, our program for natural conception utilizing Chinese Medicine is not just about treating and optimizing reproductive function, its really about making couples healthy.

But getting healthy is not just about finding and correcting problems with acupuncture and herbs, it’s about creating an environment that is conducive to health. In many cases this involves dietary and lifestyle modifications, many of which are small changes that can make big differences. This is why our approach to fertility is holistic. Not only do we look at the inner environment of the body, but the outer environment of our lives as well.

Some of the simple lifestyle modifications include adequate nutrition dietary & exercise recommendations, which will be assessed individually.

By correcting imbalances and changing the things that prevent your body from healing itself, you create an environment that is very supportive for fertility. Using this holistic approach has astounding impacts both on fertility and on your overall health.

Please read our blogs on “Infertility Treatment Utilizing Chinese Medicine” & “IVF/IUI Support with Chinese Medicine” to read more on how Chinese Medicine can treat Infertility, as well as, provide support to Western Medical protocols such as IVF & IUI.


Chinese Medical Treatment can be utilized and provide support for a range of women’s health disorders that cause Female Infertility such as:


  • Anovulation (no ovulation)
  • Endometriosis
  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)
  • Amenorrhea (no periods)
  • Uterine Fibroids
  • Luteal phase insufficiency
  • Menstrual irregularities
  • Endometrial lining problems
  • Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)
  • Implantation disorders
  • Acquired ovarian failure (for example, as a result of chemotherapy)
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Hyperprolactinemia
  • Cervical Mucous abnormalities
  • Early menopause
  • Overweight
  • Aging
  • Unknown Causes

Chinese Medical Treatment can be utilized and provide support for a range of Men’s health disorders that cause Male Infertility such as:


  • Oligozoospermia (low sperm count, <20millions/ml): the most common male factor of infertility, and azoospermia (lack of viable sperm).

  • Sperm abnormalities: morphology <50% normal, motility<50%. 
Semen factors: semen volume < 1 ml/ejection; abnormal pH (normal 7.2~7.8); prolonged liquefaction time.
  • Some sexual functional disorders, such as retro ejaculation.
  • Systemic diseases such as cystic fibrosis (an autosomal recessive genetic defect).


In many occasions, the exact underline causes and mechanisms of the resultant abnormalities in semen and sperm listed above can be very complex and difficult to address within Western and Chinese Medicine.


To discuss your fertility needs further or to learn even more about how Chinese Medicine can enhance one's fertility, please contact Gina at Healing Traditions Oriental Medicine - www.healing-traditions.com

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